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Thief From Navarre

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its been awhile. this place is like a giant memory-trove. anyways.
things that have happened since i went to college:
-met awesome people
-developed a sort of "mental x-ray" vision. its weird
-had some amazing musical experiences
-found out some things never change. (good/bad??)

i dunno. that seems to sum it up. if i went through and documented everything the site would probably crash and then send me nasty emails. now i will be suitably vague and close like this:


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last day of work was yesterday. oh god its done. it was so fucking busy. spencer somehow managed to pick up sandwiches in a heartbeat.
/me was proud.
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Last day of work is tmrw. thank god.
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You say:
that i'm always saying things will change, and
you say:
that i make things seem the way they aren't, but
I can't help it if i make lemonade.

you made my green turn red,
you made my world turn 'round.
its time for your red to turn green.

what should have never happened
has come back and bit hard.
turning your red against my green
only turns us against each other.

its time for windex,
its time for pain,
its time for sorrow,
its time for gain,
when i'm with you
i could swear i could fly.
its time to get you some wings of your own,
so you don't have to borrow mine.
its time for steroids,
its time for knowing said,
its time for handshakes, and
its time for bed.

turn your red to green,
let our car fly down the highway of life.

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so today was kinda shitty for awhile. i almost lost my mind, and forgot to stop at an intersection. THAT was bad. its all looking up now. only 4 days til i see karin again.
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went to ann arbor on arthi's request. i hate that city. i am more conservative now because of stupid 'bucket head' that i saw. oh by the way, from what i've heard, Giuliani is a pretty good candidate. i'm gonna look him up.

so yeah. i had some plan today, like to practice, and make it to marshalls before they closed. but no. arthi said you hafta go to ann arbor. so now i didn't practice, didn't work out, didn't pick up a music stand, and ended up hating a city. great day. now im mildly stressed, and i have more to do tmrw.

tmrw i must:
get to marshalls
work out

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stressed stressed
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among us, there is one who decided we were wrong. that great michigan ginger ale, no longer how it was.


...oh and bleen!

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so on npr the other day at work i heard this one caller say that universal healthcare was un-patriotic. i didn't really understand what he meant, so listened (much to my manager's displeasure), and the rest of his argument was incoherent. but it is true that we are one of the last 'industrialized' countries to not have universal healthcare.
i dunno. i think its dumb. 30 cents of every dollar put into healthcare companies goes to the executives' paychecks.  really dumb.

what think you?

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i'm practicing an hour a day now. with the possibility  of more, because i could practice at night and in the morning. damn. i got a concerto for the competition in the fall. definitly feeling competitive now. its for ehorn, which is sweet. i got the schools howarth. its got a loree bore, so it sounds that way. its amazing.
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hmmm.... thought.... is it better? i doubt it. why fix something that until recently i had no intention of removing from the scrapyard? too much effort for a negative payout in my opinion.

on another note, i need to get organized, and un-lazy.

alex's grad party was a blast. played volleyball until i couldn't see anymore. apples to apples was alright. too many people though.
other grad parties were fun too. just alex's was more recent.

how do you pronounce aluminium? ah-loo-min-uhm  OR ahl-oo-mini-uhm  ??

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